Saturday, March 09, 2013

John Kilzer Inspires With "The Stranger"

Whoa! Talk about lifting a person's soul. Man, I just discovered a brand new song that's become my favorite and stuck in my head for days now. Listen to this; This song is an inspirational tale of an unexpected encounter with a stranger and the events that happen in the days ahead. From John Kilzer's new CD release  titled "SEVEN" is a story of enlightenment about an unforgettable meeting with "The Stranger."  Plus, you might even find yourself caught in the storyline as the song can definitely be a conscious awakening.  I feel particularly close to this tune because I just happen to know the guy who sings the song combined with his deep passion of life. Plus, John Kilzer also wrote this poetic beauty and I personally can avow to his long journey. And this Youtube video below will no doubt warm your soul and entice your inner spirit.  Musicians on this Memphis-laced album include Hi Records guitarist/songwriter Tennie Hodges ("Take Me To The River" - "Love and Happiness") and legendary keyboardist-songwriter and Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame inductee Spooner Oldham ("Cry Like A Baby" - "I'm Your Puppet"). Also appearing on John Kilzer's 3rd album release are Charles Hodges, Jim Spake and many more. Here's an HD video slideshow of John Kilzer's "The Stranger." We hope you'll enjoy!