Friday, February 04, 2022

The 1972 Tour & Release of Stephen Stills' Manassas Album On Atlantic Brings The Troops

Here's a flashback of yesteryear: From 1972, here's a photo of former Atlantic Records promo exec. Phillip Rauls and 'Manassas' Road Manager Buddy Zoloth (1948-2007) while traveling to the next tour gig when suddenly they discovered a scaving review in Rolling Stone Magazine of Stephen Stills' new album and group Manassas. The real issue here was that Stills and Manassas were packing areas and concert halls and FM Radio airplay for the Manassas's album was blanketing the airwaves. Yet, the negative review was saying just the opposite. As you can see, the shock from both tour members reading the contradicting article was definitely worth a Kodak moment. Their reaction was, "Say wha....."