Sunday, December 23, 2012

In Memory of David Gingold (1950-2012) RIP

In loving memory of my dear friend and long time colleague, Mr. David Gingold, as seen above on right, of Memphis, TN (1950-2012).
 David Gingold from the 1999 July-Aug. issue of Agenda Magazine 
 "The Bar-B-Q Boys" photo from a backyard summer cookout featuring David Gingold (L), Clarence Johnson, Phillip Rauls and Steve Conley.
Early staff at WMC-FM 100 Memphis (L-R) Ron Micheals, Greg Hamilton, David (Day) Gingold, Jon Scott and Program Director, Mike Powell.
       David Gingold orbit from the Memphs Commercial Appeal



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Phillip, David spoke of you glowingly within days of his death. He was a kind and gentle man in the very best way.

Carroll Todd, Memphis

10:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sadly on this blog I learned of the death of my good friend David Gingold, who lived two houses away from me in high school, and was a friend for over 40 years. I had played a practical joke on David for many years...back in the late 60's I had phoned him about midnight one Xmas Eve...he was the late night DJ on WMC-FM, and I called with with a terrible fake Russian accent, complaining that he was only playing Xmas music...I WANTED SOME RUSSIAN MUSIC!!! Then every year, for years, I followed him around the country telephonically, wherever he was on the air, and every Xmas season, would find him somewhere, calling in as "THIS IS THE RUSSIAN" and complaining about something...why wasn't there more Russian music on the air on this station?

In Oct of 2010 I saw him at Ardent Studios, and finally broke the news as to who was "THE RUSSIAN." He laughed and laughed, and said it had indeed haunted him (in a funny way) for many years...who was it?

I planned on calling him this past suddenly had popped into my head on Dec 21. Turns out that's the day he died. I had a lot going on, and didn't make that call.

Rest in Peace David.


2:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

great stuff, Phillip. and what a nice pic and trib to David. he was a stud, wasn't he? noticed the Reboks... love it.


4:12 PM  

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