Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Excerpts of "The Rock Trenches"

Live interview at WRNO-FM in New Orleans with YES's Rick Wakeman. (L-R) WRNO's 'Humble' Hugh Dillard, Atlantic Records Phillip Rauls, Rick Wakeman and YES manager Brian Lane
As Regional Promotion & Marketing Director for Atlantic Records in 1972, no doubt I was very fortunate to travel with YES on their U.S. tour on the release of the "YES" album and also their follow-up album titled "Fragile". On those tours I became good friends with keyboardist Rick Wakeman and later sold him a 1947 Packard that I shipped to London to join his collection of classic vintage automobiles. Read about those noteworthy days in the exciting book "The Rock Trenches - Journal of a Music Industry Executive" available at Amazon or Barnes & Noble for online purchase.
Phillip Rauls in his 1947 Packard that he sold to YES keyboardist Rick Wakeman as a cool addition to his modest antique classic car collection. 
"The Rock Trenches ~ Journal of a Music Industry Executive" is available in Kindle version & paperback


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