Thursday, October 15, 2020

Legendary Rock Venue The Warehouse N.O. LA

The legendary rock venue 'The Warehouse' located in New Orleans was often compared to the Fillmore Auditorium's (east and west) in New York and San Francisco. I had become good friends with one of the co-founders Bill Johnston (1944-2013) who appreciated my involvement in the promotion and advertising of Atlantic Records artists who preformed there. In 1970 as the regional Promotion & Marketing Director for the prestiougus record label he admired my support so much that he gave me one of his treasured and original Warehouse T-shirts. Johnston said "You're the only record guy we've seen who shares your passion and devotion." I hung-on to that admired keepsake and 50 years later and was inspired to frame it along with the Atlantic artists that I had toured with and preformed at the Warehouse. In remembrance with those glory days of rock I posted a old picture of myself wearing that T-shirt (top left) along with an original Beaver Productions concert ticket for The Allman Bros. show there and combined with album covers of the groups that I helped promote and advertise for their personal appearances. This framed relic is one of my favorite memoirs.


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