Saturday, December 12, 2020

'The Third Time's A Charm'


We all recognize the popular saying, "The Third's a Charm!" But Holy triple-play Batman! In just the past few weeks, I've been honored to land still another photograph in the third noted book that has been released globally containing one my archive photos. Pictured here is the highly recommended new book titled, "Chips Moman ~ The Record Producer Whose Genius Changed American Music" written by recognized book author Mr. James L. Dickerson. Please note, you won't be able to put the book down as reading about Chips Moman's legendary music career is simply mind blowing. Plus, it seems that just a couple of days ago, I landed a classic photo in the color booklet, "The Greg Lake Anthology" on BMG Records. And then, I scored a photo in the new Chris Hillman book, "Time Between ~ My Life As a Byrd, Flying Burrito Brother, Steve Stills & Manassas, and Beyond." So, what can I say? Seems things that come in sets of three have often been associated with good luck. Looks like I do know a thing or two about getting on third base and hitting triples!

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