Saturday, January 16, 2021

Early 1968 Photo Reveals Photographer's Eye For The Gloomy Living Of A Manhattan Apt.

Early in my photo journey I did not want to focus solely on concert photography or rock stars. However, my earliest recognition in photography was just that. And naturally I'm proud of those accomplishments as everyone needs a launching platform. Truth is, everyone has their own viewpoints and opinions and appreciates photography in their own way. My early influences were former Look Magazine photographer Stanley Kubrick who later became a film maker (2001: A Space Odyssey, Clockwork Orange, The Shinning). Plus, I always admired photographer Diane Arbus for her eye for capturing the mundane. Yet still in search, I eventually settled on a wider scope and considered photojournalist as 'the real artists who recorded the facts.' With a early break in the music business I began to travel extensively thus allowing me to shoot photos during my journey. Featured here in one of my early photos in1968 while taken on a visit to New York as one afternoon I peeked out my hotel room window and was petrified at the sight of typical New York hi-rise apartment living. No disrespect to my long-time New York friends but being a Southern boy from Tennessee I was so accustomed to the open spaces and greenery from my home state that this view from my window was a big downer. Subsequently, I titled this (c) photo, "Images don't change, but we do."


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