Sunday, January 03, 2021

Photographer Captures His Music Icon

 Without a doubt, one of my favorite photos of Robert Palmer is one that I had taken of him in Portland, OR in the early 1990's while on tour with him. Here Robert is conducting an radio interview on the evening of his Portland performance when an incoming phone inquiry asks, "I want to know are the 'dancing girls' from your video backing you in performance tonight." Palmer quietly cleared his throat, took a breath, and then responded to the caller, "No". The interviewing DJ noticing the possible friction created by the question and promptly said, "Next caller please." (editors note: From earlier, it was my clear understanding that this subject was not one of Palmer's favorite topics) Follow the story below as the truth is revealed by an important and trusted Robert Palmer band member. Read about Robert Palmer's long and brilliant career in the non-fiction journal titled, "The Rock Trenches ~ Journal of a Music Industry Executive" by Phillip Rauls and available in paperback or Kindle on Amazon Books.

That very same question has been asked many times. Please note: I posted my same photo with my identical commentary on the Robert Palmer Fan Group and several viewers from that website group asked the very same question. So, I brought-in my friend & former business colleague who was Robert Palmer's long-drummer, Mr. Dony Wynn, and he replied to Palmer's friction to the subject:
Dony Wynn said: "Philip is spot on correct. During the Addicted Tour, everyone involved was absolutely beleaguered day in day out with the question from everyone, Are the girls here? So much so the crew had shirts made that said, Fuck no, the girls are not here! The ridiculous question got old fast. In truth the American press never gave the man credit for anything. All they talked about was the video - the girls, that song, his suits, his punishment for being too good looking, too talented, living an idyllic life, making music EXACTLY how and when and why he wanted. Ultimately there was a price to pay... jealousy DOES exist. All he cared about was the music, everything else was secondary. I will add this, Robert was blessed with the patience of Job. In the 25 years I worked with him I only saw him lose his temper ONCE in soundcheck with an obstinate musician who had it coming. The man just wanted to groove and enjoy this life, and for the most part, he did." Direct quote from Palmer's drummer, Mr. Dony Wynn.


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