Thursday, January 28, 2021

Stephen Stills Masterful Guitar Skills Should Definitely Not Be Underestimated (+ Video)

Stephen Stills came on the music scene in the mid-1960's with the Buffalo Springfield who recorded on Atlantic Records. The West Coast group changed the dynamics of rock music while Stills was indeed the frontman. The first album that I promoted by the group was in 1968 titled, "Retrospective." Among the Atlantic staff, strong rumor had it that the company's President Ahmet Ertegun considered Stills as his 'golden boy' and gave him creative control of all his projects. Then, in 1969 the formation of Crosby, Stills & Nash literally invented the genre of acoustic rock music with beautiful 3-way harmonies. With monster new record releases like this in my briefcase, I felt very fortunate to be able to promote their first 3 albums, "Crosby Stills & Nash", "Deja Vu (w/Neil Young) and "4-Way Street"(Live) all which featured Stills magical acoustic guitar work on his vintage Martin guitars, a D-28 and D-45. Next came Stills solo album titled, "Stephen Stills" that produced the classic hit, "Love The One Your With" while being the unofficial theme song for a generation of Baby Boomers. Next came two big album releases by "Manassas" which was predominantly a vehicle for Stephen Stills music. Among that title wave of gold and platinum albums that were generated from that 7 year hit spree, somehow several of my gold & platinum record awards received for my courageous duty while serving in "The Rock Trenches" have since then simply vanished and are now in someone's attic catching dust. But, in spite of my long line of service from that era, I still have my treasured archive (c) photographs (above) which I gladly share. Here's an excellent video supporting the storyline of Stephen Stills' masterful command of a Martin acoustic guitar. Hope you enjoy!


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