Friday, March 26, 2021

A Readers Comment Of "The Rock Trenches"

On occasion we might get flattered with words while mostly shrugging it off as a polite compliment and then move on. But not this time! On the Amazon book site for my self-penned non-fiction journal titled, "The Rock Trenches" a reader's complimentary book review that brought a sincere tear to my eye.

"Hi Phillip,
I am posting to say how much I am enjoyed your book, 'The Rock Trenches.' You are a deft wordsmith and a humorous guy, really charming with your self-effacing comments, nicely leavened by your candor and honesty. I love your openness about your feelings, at various junctures in your immersion into your rock promotions career, and with your depictions of standard youthful awkwardness and wonder. The whole thing reminded me of being young, and thanks for that.
More than that, it all reads in an authentic way, free of pretense and artifice, and that makes your book a real achievement in todays world of pretense and artifice. You could have played the old showbiz vet routine and gotten away with it, considering where you've been, but instead you come off as a guy who loves music and enjoys artists. Really refreshing.
Most of all, I see that your book has literary qualities, and really good ones.
You are a wonderful photographer and story teller. You should consider becoming a novelist too, assuming you haven't already. Perhaps there is more to learn about that. Anyway, great work!"

Rick Alan Rice
Rarwriter Publishing Group


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