Monday, September 27, 2021

Jane Wiedlin's "Fur" Album Produces Hit Single


In 1988 EMI Records released an album by noted singer/musician Jane Wiedlin titled "Fur" that produced the hit single 'Rush Hour' while peaking at #9 on Billboard Hot 100 Chart. Wiedlin was also the co-founder of the 'Go-Go's' who became the first successful all-female rock band ("We Got The Beat"). Plus, she was an accomplished actress while appearing in numerous films.

Pictured below at an music industry function is Jane Wiedlin with EMI Records Northwest Promotion and Marketing Manager Phillip Rauls.

Pictured below is Wiedlin (R) with EMI's Regional Promotion Manager Rauls (L) also with well respected Program Director Sean Lynch (Center) of Z100 Radio in Portland OR



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