Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Times Were A Changing

Towards the end of the decade, there were rapid social and technological advancements. Yet the nation was still lingering from the effects of The Vietnam War, political assassinations and a decade of endless Motown ballads. No longer did you have the eight-track tape plus the 45 RPM single was on the decline. To no ones surprise, anarchy filled the air combined with the sweet fragrance of incense and flower power. It was a time when people searched for their own identities and clung to the words of protest songs in lieu of answers. Music literally provided an escape for millions of young people still hung-over from judgments made by previous generations. During that period of uncertainty, it didn't seem that anyone had financial resources whereas I was saving a ton of money by avoiding haircuts. Not surprisingly, my parents didn't approve of my appearance yet my best friends passionately embraced the trend. Somehow people made ends meet by pooling their resources and treating others like brothers. Spending time hanging around the bachelor pad with your hip friends was definitely in vogue. There you had stylish surroundings such as bean bags, lava lamps, record players and concert posters. All were a absolute must for the modern crib. By the way, did I mention water pipes?
But I stayed focused on my career as I dearly enjoyed the music business and the industry within. After dropping out of college and previously serving as THE GENTRYS road manager, I was now a seasoned veteran of two years in the record business. Being a STAX promotion man wasn't bad, I got free records, concert tickets and T-shirts. Plus, tons of great bands were scheduled to appear locally. But little did I know what was on the horizon in the coming months.


Anonymous Mini Me said...

Very interesting. I am very curious to see what happened next.

Great blog!!

11:18 PM  
Anonymous Nabe chan said...

カ,カッコいい!! なべちゃんさん
すごいミュージシャンをプロモートしていらしたのですね。 とてもまじめで仕事のできるイメージのみどりさんの素敵な側面。レイチャールズの映画のことを書いていらしたのを読んで映画の解説がうまいなぁと思っていました。 Phillipさんときっと音楽、映画を通して赤い糸をたぐりよせたのかな。

11:22 PM  
Anonymous Cookie mom 777 said...


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Anonymous Lefty said...

Keep up the good work.

We are going to have a big party this summer, and i will let my friends know about your site.

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