Friday, September 30, 2005

Record Producers Push the Levels of Success.

When the term producer comes up, what's the first image that flashes before you? Does the vision of a person running around pointing in both directions while speaking through a megaphone come to mind? Perhaps in the movie industry. But in the music world, a producer is the one who creates the complex role in the musical process. A producer hammers out all the recording session details for the musicians and believe me, that can be a difficult task.

Typically the producer would select songs, arrange the production through sheet music or rehearsing by ear, and create an optimum of recording conditions with the latest in recording equipment. Quite often the producer would engineer the session and even write songs. Most importantly, he must create a vibe or music groove worthy of appreciation. These gifted individuals are generally an industry enigma and do their magic in the background receiving little or no credit. I can associate with that.

Below are photos and a list of some of the past era's most influential.
Don Was, T. Bone Burnett, Willie Mitchell, Leonard Chess, John Hammond, Ted Templeton, David Rubinson, Jim Stewart, Shadow Morton, Jeff Lynn, Quincy Jones, Sam Phillips, Eddie Kramer, Creed Taylor, Jimmy Iovine, Billy Sherrill, Chris Chandler, Gus Dudgeon, Steve Cropper, Eddie Offord, Bill Szymczyk, Narada Michael Walden, Chips Moman, Nile Rogers and Arif Mardin.


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Blogger Nes said...

It's 'Nes Baby". How are you? How's JE? Buzz me.


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