Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Magazines Covers reflect Pop Culture

The coffee table magazine has been an intricate part of the American household since the 1940's. For several generations popular magazines have encouraged viewers to visit news stands while loyal subscribers have faithfully awaited their monthly subscriptions via the mail. In my early years while growing-up my parents favorite magazines were Readers Digest and Look Magazine. I learned much from those informative magazines. Sometimes later and during the 1970's, I can remember subscribing to at least ten different publications during the same period. But now with the internet touting updated information at breakneck speed, those once valuable sources of fashion, news and lifestyles now reflect our Pop Culture deriving from that era.

Mad Magazine's popular cartoon character Alfred E. Newman not only ran for President, but he also taught us the middle finger salute used for expressing our displeasure during a busy commute.

When The Rolling Stones popularity reached the cover of Life Magazine, The Christian Science Monitor received a flood of new subscriptions coming from disgruntled Life subscribers. Remember the scruffy photograph of The Rolling Stones in newspapers across the country asking, "Would you let your Daughter date a Rolling Stone?"

Time Magazine traditionally covered world news events and primarily focused on the global political climate. But when the Queen of Soul was featured on the cover of Time, somewhere in the high heavens vocalists Bessy Smith, Billy Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald were applauding in approval.

There was one single event that all baby boomers completely agree changed our society and that was the three day love fest known as Woodstock Music Festival. Remember the concert film footage of Joe Cocker, Ten Years After and Sly & the Family Stone? Their performances ranks as the best even by today's standards.

Of course, you know that I couldn't resist recognizing the ever-present Men's magazines that featured ads of new shaving creams, Men's colognes and sports cars. Somehow I couldn't convince my Mom that I purchased these magazines because of the stimulating editorials and articles featuring modern issues. That's when she'd cross her arms in disgust while staring at me and say, "Okay then, why do you hide these magazines under your mattress?"


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