Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hippie Comic Art reaches Mainstream

Hippie Art and Comics Books have been a strong left-field influence upon modern culture in the 20th Century. Both have transitioned through a myriad of changes ranging from it's being a social phenomenon and targeted at the youth audience and later splintering to appeal to the more sophisticated reader. Modern day subscribers follow each new volume in search of trippy novels and underground comixs. This artwork and banter has survived through the process and produced meaningful social purpose for both the clueless moron and the academically advanced. Plus, they're always fun to view. Throw in a little political satire blended with a touch of sophomoric humor and you got a message from a 'higher' power. But you may ask, what does all this artwork represent and what does this all mean? As Mr. Natural says above, "Don't Mean Sheeit."

Ah yes, here's one of my favorites. Here you've got a startled observer on the left and shocked at what he's viewing. Sitting next to him is a towel-headed pied piper from the Salvation Army. But here's where cartoon gets interesting as the music begins to entrance the red-headed Amazon who is wearing a chastity belt donated to her from the WWF. And now all of a sudden she's digging the tune and starts to dance. Whoa...Can you feel the earth shake?

(Editors note: For those of you who are musically educated and can read sheet music, you'll probably notice the musical notes from above are from the Isley Brothers classic song "Shake Your Tail Feather.")

This one kills me as I have been in this situation before. In this Hippie Comic, less explanation steps aside for viewers to openly invite their own interpretations. (Double-click to enlarge)

Won't go here either. Go ahead and let your mind roam.

In closing, here you have sweet-sweet Hedi the Photolog Chick expressing her impatience towards the next posting. Ain't life grand? In the Hippie Art world, even Blog Editors have cartoon groupies!

Artwork from Wolfgang's Vault and John Lustig


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