Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Rock & Roll Attitude (or Demeanor 101)

Ever stop to think about the origin of Rock music itself? As you probably know, the where-and-whens of Rock have been studied and well documented for years. However, I'm talking about concept of Rock itself, the idealistic source that spearheaded the cause. It wasn't something developed by scientists in a laboratory. Nor was it created by engineers from surveys or blueprints. Don't see any results coming from focus groups or pending legislation here. As you have it, Rock Music was not an invention of such. Yet it's been around since the 1950's and served for decades as the backbone of the youth movement. It can be linked to the curled-up lip of Elvis when he smiled. It might be associated with high testosterone levels or changing hormones of teenagers. Or connected with someone just acting pompous and wanting to be accepted by their peers. Whatever those results may prove, the concept of this arrogant demeanor derived from the single component of having just a pure raw unadulterated attitude. You know what I mean, it's the kind of attitude that teenagers develop when their parents tell them to be home before curfew.

The original source of 'Rock Attitude' was developed from none other than young people themselves. No surprise there. And if you can grasp the errant ways of youth, that behavior makes it easier to understand it's rebellious ways. Remember the old song, "I'm just a Sinner not a Saint." Yet, here we are in the 21st Century and still support popular icons from previous generations who were daring and controversial. But let us explore this demeanor for a moment by viewing individuals who have personally endorsed this posture. With that being the agenda and accepting the fact that pictures don't lie, let's take a little walk through The Photolog archives and view some individuals who parlay that spirit.

It's safe to say that The Rolling Stones had that Rock & Roll Attitude when they signed with Atlantic Records and posed for their press shot in their birthday suits...err...partially nude. While band members were holding their album jackets covering their privates, we'd like to thank them for sparing us the details. Or non-details. The album cover was designed by Andy Wharhol and displayed a male crotch in tight blue jeans.

Here's a classic photo featuring free spirited DJ Dave Adcock of WZZQ-FM Radio in Jackson, MS as he greets the camera lens with his special Rock & Roll Attitude displaying his personalized two nostril salute.

Now here's a photograph for the record. It's a rock group that dressed-up to be...The Dog Police. In reality, it's Memphis music group who headlined as The Tony Thomas Trio but moonlighted as The Dog Police and definitely had that Rock Attitude.

What-the-hey! Shown here are The Red Hot Chilli Peppers acting-a-fool while being interviewed on air by KISW Radio in Seattle. No one ever accused The Peppers of not having that attitude. (L-R) Phillip Rauls-EMI Records, Flea-The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Damon Stuart-KISW Radio, Anthony Kiedis-The Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

The front page of industry rag Radio & Records featured The Who's Keith Moon promoting his new album that bears his last name. Never one to be out done, MCA Record's Jon Scott has a contest to select the prettiest moon. That's when the threesome paraded into the office of the newspaper to 'hand' deliver this fine moon. (L-R) Keith Moon-The Who, Candy Tusken-R&R manager, Jon Scott-MCA Records, and Moongirl Fineass, butt model.

Got Rock & Roll Attitude?