Monday, March 09, 2009

STAX Records Radio Documentary

Standing at the entrance of STAX administrative offices is former label promotion and marketing executive Phillip Rauls. The label relocated it's offices in the early 70's after purchasing an enormous church facility as now the company was located on Holy grounds.

This is the announcement a newly produced radio documentary on STAX Records and narrated by the Rev. Jesse Jackson. This program captures perhaps the best cast of former STAX Records insiders to date. Broadcast earlier in the U.K. and Western Europe, British producer Sam Gregory preserves key moments for listeners to relive the story of the Soul music label. With interviews coming from noted STAX artists, producers and managers, this program is skillfully chronicled to tell the real story of the company's journey through music history. This broadcast will keep you glued to your speakers for it's 51 minute duration and features significant interviews by label's key personnel such as; Steve Cropper, William Bell, Wayne Jackson, Don Nix, Al Bell, Deanie Parker, John Fry and Phillip Rauls.

To hear playback of the British radio documentary please follow link to download program: Legendary Labels The STAX Records Story