Sunday, September 06, 2009

Field Trip Photos ~ Hollywood 1975

High Rise Office Building on Sunset Strip, Hollywood, CA 1975

From The Photolog's archives, here's a brief sequence of photos taken while on a business trip to Hollywood, California in 1975. These pictures were all from the same roll and shot while in-between appointments. With no particular theme in mind, I was snapping away in awe of being in the epicenter of the entertainment business. Some of my all time favorite pictures are the ones of architectural and landscape images. Especially those which capture a frozen period in time. Here I've posted a few snap-shots that ask questions while telling a few stories. Hope you enjoy.

All photos copyrighted (c) all rights reserved - reproduction prohibited.

Hollywood 1975. Here's a vintage snapshot of Hollywood. The Bank of America Building is located in the center. To the right is the Capitol Records tower known for it's resemblance to a 'stack of wax.' On it's right is the historic Broadway Hotel with it's huge neon sign mounted on the roof. In the far background and located high upon the mountain side is the famed Hollywood sign overlooking the city.

Tricks On Nix. In the early days of tagging, here's some artwork remnants left behind from the gloomy days of President Nixon's run in office. That period encouraged anarchy amongst the counter-culture of Hollywood. On the left here and while promptly fleeing the scene is Michael Moore's granddad while carrying an bag containing paint balls and spray paint.

Towers Records Tape Department. Long, long time ago, there was an item called a C-A-S-S-E-T-T-E tape. It was about the same size of a pack of Marlboro's. To operate you inserted the cassette inside a tape player and it could produce the sounds of your favorite band. Unlike an iPOD, the cassette contained a moving tape that rolled around inside this plastic box thingy. However, when you accidentally left the cassette tape exposed to the sun, it would melt and become toast.

Elevated view of Sunset Strip. As the path of the Strip curves through town, notice the sparseness of the Hollywood Hills on the left. You could actually see trees and dirt along the hillside. Nowadays, it's replaced with boutiques, condos, office buildings while still being inhabited by a different form of dirt.

Jeans Sign. Hard to believe but back in the early 70's bluejeans were just becoming the preferred slacks acceptable as ladies and men's everyday fashion wear. Here covering an entire wall was my enticement to purchase a pair of bell bottom jeans. With a complimentary bag of popcorn.

Playboy Magazine Music Poll. Playboy Magazine's prestigious annual music poll decided to give recognition to fifty folks who were not included in Esquire Magazine's "Heavy 100 People Of Rock." Here tacked to the wall at Rogers & Cowan Agency is a page from that infamous list. P.S. That's my buddy Don Nix second from the top.

Obscenity Headlines. On the flight home, I snapped this picture displaying bold headlines announcing a recent court ruling. Pictured in the upper left of the newspaper is an article and photo about Sonny & Cher.

Just capturing the times... Hope you enjoyed my trip.