Sunday, June 27, 2010

Photolog Quiz ~ Name the Celebrity

Hello Boys & Girls. Prepare yourselves for a very mind-boggling and stimulating mental exercise. In this contest you will no doubt rack your brains trying to recognize the correct names of the American icons. It's easy to play just allow your imagination. Game rules suggest to roll-up your sleeves and sharpen your skills while matching the correct name to the photo. Go ahead, test you skills while having fun. Be the first one on your block to participate in this imaginary crock. The answers are posted in the very bottom of the questionnaire and they might surprise you. Contest rules apply worldwide with exception to The White House where somehow they seem to have their own set of rules. Participants may enter multiple entries as our current administration has created such an entitlement society that supports the brazen disregard of conventional rules anyway. Canadians may enter also only if they promise not to mention the word, Hockey. Okay. Is everybody ready? Let's name the Celebrity!

Contestant Number 1.

A. Nick Jonas
B. Donny Osmond
C. Leonardo DiCaprio
D. Les Paul
E. Jeff Beck's replacement

Contestant Number 2.

A. DJ Alan Freed
B. Louis Armstrong
C. Donald Trump
D. Gatemouth Brown
E. Carla Thomas' father

Contestant Number 3.

A. Bonnie Parker
B. Patty Hearst
C. Helen Of Troy
D. Miley Cyrus
E. Hanoi Jane

Contestant Number 4.

A. Gene Simmons
B. David Crosby
C. George Carlin
D. Bill Clinton
E. Father of Relativity

Contestant Number 5

A. Oprah Winfrey
B. Dolly Parton
C. Texas and Alaska
D. Tracy Lords
E. The Queen Of Soul

Contestant Number 6.

A. Bobby Darin and Wayne Newton
B. Brooks and Dunn
C. Pete and Repeat
D. Spanky and Alfalfa
E. Old Blue Eyes and Blue Suede Shoes

Contestant Number 7.

A. The Shoe Bomber
B. Robert Downy Jr.
C. Lawrence of Arabia
D. Timothy McVeigh
E. The Killer

Contestant Number 8.

A. Amelia Earhart and Howard Hughes
B. Penny Marshall and Rob Riner
C. Sonny and Cher
D. Sandra Bullock and Jesse James
E. Joni and Jack

Contestant Number 9.

A. Lou Reed and Conan O'Brien
B. Johnny Cash and Iggy Pop
C. Siegfried and Roy
D. Richard Petty and Calvin Klein
E. Bob Zimmerman and Ziggy Stardust

Contestant Number 10.

A. Bob Marley
B. Tommy Chong
C. Abby Hoffman
D. Vladimir Lenin
E. The 44th President of the U.S. smoking a joint

Congratulations! You have successfully completed The Photolog's Celebrity Quiz. The correct answer to all the questions is...

Answer selection "E"