Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Photolog Quiz ~ Identify the Photographs

Every since childhood when we were old enough to sit in our grandmother's lap, there was always this little game that Grandma would entertain us with by parading a series of pictures from her photo album before us with the explanation of, "Okay pumpkin, can you tell me the name of that picture?" After studying the image for a few moments and secretly wishing that the doorbell would ring or the egg timer might go off, no other response could be offered other than, "No Grandma, I give up - who's is that?" At that very moment the suspense became intensified as you anxiously awaited the correct answer. Well, now we can relive that very same unforgettable experience. Yet, this time you can employ the excitement of photo recognition without being exposed to Grandma's denture breath or her wool jacket reeking of moth balls.
Of course, you know we're only kidding as we dearly love our Grandmother. But by all accounts this thought stimulating exercise is exactly what your brain has been waiting for. Go ahead and roll-up your sleeves and dust-off your bifocals because THE PHOTOLOG has unveiled a brand new quiz for all the obsessive Einsteins out there who's daily lives have become engrossed and even consumed by Facebook.

Are you ready? Here's how you play. Simply study the photographs below and then match the exact title of the picture from the selection of names listed beneath each picture. It's that easy. Just like the game Grandma taught us. Answers at the end of the posting. Ready? Let's have some fun!

PHOTO #1A. Tex Montana & The Lincoln Continentals
B. Sam & Dave & The Stax-Volt Review
C. Randy & The Radiants
D. Barenaked Ladies
E. Dress rehearsal at the 10th grade talent show

PHOTO #2A. The Youngbloods
B. The Greatful Dreadful
C. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir
D. Humble Pie
E. Krackerjack - Stevie Ray Vaughn's first group

PHOTO #3A. Recess at The Youth Detention Center
B. The Joe McDaniel Appreciation Society
C. Captain Harrison's worst nightmare
D. The Gaisman Park Earl Vance Club
E. The Rat Pack

PHOTO #4A. Convicted felons of the federal banking scandal
B. Test volunteers for the medical marijuana program
C. Tryout rejects from Pee Wee's Playhouse
D. Selection of candidates for Adopt a Homeless Adult Campaign
E. Tom Petty's posse

PHOTO #5A. Quicksilver Messenger Service
B. The Four Horsemen Of Norte Dame
C. Escapees from the penal farm's work release program
D. Boston Celtics championship backcourt from 1963
E. The Gruesome Foursome

PHOTO #6A. Sneaking Sally Through The Alley
B. Reverend Al Sharpton being caught stretching the truth
C. Yogi Berra losing his balls
D. Exactly the same moment that you visited the restroom
E. Jackie Robinson stealing home in the World Series

PHOTO #7A. Scott Shannon
B. Rick Dees
C. Las Vegas Mafia Boss
D. The Werewolf of London
E. Best man at Elvis Presley's wedding

PHOTO #8A. The Edgar Winter Group
B. Kings Of Leon
C. Laddie & The LaSabres
D. Fleetwood Crack
E. The Allman Joy - Duane & Greg Allman's first group

PHOTO #9A. The WHO's Roger Daltry counting existing live band members
B. Official response to Obama's Stimulus Package
C. A 63 year old Shirley Temple impersonator
D. Poster boy for Viagra
E. Greatest white blues singer ever

PHOTO #10A. Lady Gaga
B. Hilary Clinton
C. Freak Show Annie
D. Monica Lewinsky
E. Circus Contortionist

Congratulations! See, that wasn't so bad. You've just completed The Photolog's official survey to test your awareness. This study will also determine if you are a serious candidate of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder or a victim of cronic absentmindedness caused from spending way too-much time on the social media. Either way, the remedy for those ailments would be to look away from the screen of your electronic device and...get a life. With that being established, the correct answer to all photos is...the answer "E".

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