Wednesday, January 04, 2012

New Documentary titled "Promoting Music Means Promoting People" creates a Buzz

Announcing the release of a new YouTube photo documentary featuring an authentic story that takes place during an magical period of popular music history. This time-traveled chronicle offers captivating photographs, cutting-edge music while producing heartfelt memories of the past. Based upon the powerful impact of popular music and how it propelled people's lives through the haze of the youth movement, this YouTube entry is fittingly titled, "Promoting Music Means Promoting People." Released in January and produced by photographer & former record industry veteran Phillip Rauls, the slide show production has been subtitled 'From Memphis to Miami' and encompasses a 10 year window starting in the mid-60's during an early stage of his career. Rauls background may have lacked the glamorous schmooze and headline-catching demeanor of others but in truth his low-profile was exactly by design. The visual story begins in 1965 with photos capturing the times and displaying many of Rauls original photographs while exhibiting his roots planted firmly within the heritage of Memphis Music. The story travels through his working stint with The Gentrys as Road Manager during the band's heyday while the narrative shifts as Phillip becomes the advertising & promotion manager for a local record distributor when STAX Records hires him away after striking gold. Soon afterwards he surfaces on the national radar scene when he joins the ranks of Atlantic Records & their affiliate labels while jet-setting among the rock stars and then relocates to Miami as their Artist Relations Manager of the South. The slide show spotlights some of Rauls best archive photographs along with a delightful collection of eye-candy and album covers originating from various photographers, artists and graphic designers. The documentary focuses on the powerful effect of still images plus the vast offering of diversified music that has been generated from these legendary recording artists, all of which Rauls promoted and worked with during the early stages of their illustrious careers. The production tastefully uses several of the artist's cutting-edge songs in an effort to acknowledge Rauls longtime support for Progressive Rock while being instrumental in promoting this new genre of music that contained a deliberate lack of musical purity.