Thursday, June 07, 2012

Spider Murphy Tenor Guitar Supreme

Go ahead and ask the folks at THE PHOTOLOG what they think about Spider Murphy and his innovative work on the Tenor Guitar and they're likely to go on forever. What's that you say? You mean you've never heard of Spider Murphy or even know the definition of a Tenor guitar? That's perfectly okay because you're not alone as many people scratch their head when asked. Let me stick my chest out and proudly say that we are absolutely thrilled to be able to tell our readers about this first class artist whose musical genesis and ever-spreading popularity is a well-kept secret. First of all, let me say Spider Murphy is no rookie in this business considering he's a seasoned musician and been around the music circuit for over 40 years. He has a Degree in Arrangement & Musical Composition from Berklee College of Music in Boston and has worked in all aspects of the music business. His pedigree in music allows him the capabilities to write sheet music for a movie score for all the individual musical instruments for an entire orchestra.

Plus, if his background qualifications aren't enough to tip the scale, did you know that Spider Murphy is THE single most contemporary Tenor Guitar player on the entire planet. And you ask...what is a Tenor Guitar? A Tenor Guitar is a fretted four string instrument sometimes shaped smaller than a regular guitar. It has been around for more than a hundred years and also available in a four string Banjo known as a Tenor Banjo. They are uniquely tuned in fifths similar to the violin and the mandolin family of instruments. The Tenor Guitar has a distinctive sound of its own and can be heard in Pop music, Blues music, Folk music, Country music and even Jazz. There is no limit to its wide range of musical sounds.

Mark Josephs, purveyor of the third annual Tenor Guitar Gathering of Astoria, OR commented, "Spider Murphy certainly has more of a total command of the Tenor guitar/Tenor banjo than anyone I know. When I think of Spider Murphy I think of Leon Redbone, Tom Waits and John Lee Hooker. In my opinion, Spider Murphy is an unknown living legend. He could be like Bela Fleck, a musician you could put in any musical situation, and he could play his way through it. There are very few people like Spider these days who just plays in bars, festivals, old folks homes, senior centers, street corners...plays and plays and plays and plays...and drives, too, long distances to get from gig to gig. Spider is a rare, undiscovered gem of a musician and the light deserves to be shined upon him."

And that's exactly what we hope to do. Trust me, he's the real deal. Now that you're up to speed on Spider Murphy and the official description of a Tenor Guitar, please fasten your seat belt cause here's a terrific video on this exceptionally gifted singer-songwriter and Tenor Guitarist.

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