Saturday, September 29, 2012

On The Road With The Spider Man (Murphy)

Remember that killer song from the 1980's about traveling down the highway with your friends titled, "On The Road Again?" Well, sorry to disappoint but this posting ain't about that song. But don't shoot me yet. Reason being, The Photolog claims to have something just as original and maybe as exciting. Even though that classic Willie Nelson song was a huge hit, this posting features a current day video combined with a few monadic songs of being on the road while reminiscence of the good old days and traveling with the many recording artists.

Allow me to explain. Some of my fondest memories both past and present are the joy of traveling around the country and the ability of turning people on to new recording artists. It never fails, people are always excited to hear good music. Not in the sense of someone posting a song on Facebook that has no direct association with themselves. Heck, anybody can do that. What I'm talking about is the actual participation of staging a one-time event of presenting the music itself. Kinda like rolling-up-you sleeves and delivering the goods first-hand. Under those circumstances, it's kinda like asking people to sample your own home cooking. Or better still, in this particular case, it's like asking people to sample your own favorite music. In the old days the music industry required the efforts of people skills to enable this task. Seems now days they've taken the human efforts out of this noble profession while now calling it, an advertising budget. In any event, we hope to relive some of that magic from the past and travel the road with one of our favorite recording artist, Mr. Spider Murphy. Ladies and gentlemen, please click on the Youtube HD video as we hope you enjoy our latest entry.