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Take The Magic Carpet Photo Tour Of Paris

Magic Carpet Genie Photolog (c)prauls
ATTENTION TRAVELERS. May we have your attention please. We are currently ready to board today's international flight, THE MAGIC CARPET PHOTO TOUR. Today's flight will be departing out of magic gate U-R-LUCKY and heading for the exotic destination of Paris, France. We will be departing momentarily after the seating of all passengers who might be eager to take-in breathtaking scenery and heavenly landscapes. Today's flight will be piloted by Captain Brownie Hawkeye and co-piloted by first mate, Mr. Sammie Snapshot. Passengers please take notice as there are no boarding passes required for today flight plus there's no need to fasten your cumbersome seat belts either. That's because each and everyone is welcome to come aboard this hassle-free flight. Thank you ladies and gentlemen for prompt response. Passengers please take your seats immediately and don't forget to turn-off all your electronic devices which could interfere with air traffic navigation. Flight attendants secure cabin doors and prepare for takeoff.

Okay, that boarding announcement might sound a little dreamlike for today's travelers. Yet, in the imaginary world this tour would entice practically anyone who would like to tour the globe and view the sights. And you can't blame 'em either. The idea of visiting distant locations while sharing photos with others sounds too good to be true. But wait! This flight is no longer a fantasy and now a reality. That's because THE PHOTOLOG's is providing it's own MAGIC CARPET PHOTO TOUR OF PARIS. You see, we've already taken this exciting trip plus we've personally selected photo highlights for your viewing enjoyment. With that being the case, ladies and gentlemen please be seated quickly as attendants will be coming around shortly to serve your complimentary meal of Steak and Lobster dinner along with a bottle of sparkling French Champagne. Wink-wink.


First stop on the tour of Paris is at the base of the prestigious Montmartre Mount. This beautiful street side time piece points in the direction to the steps to the Basilica of the Scared Heart of Paris.
  Looking upward through the brilliant colors of a local merchants balloon stand we view the world famous cathedral of the Basilica of the Scared Heart of Paris. The structure is a Roman Catholic church and known worldwide as a celebrated religious symbol and attraction for tourist. The cathedral was built from 1875 through 1914 and overlooks the city of Paris. Years ago the elevated position served as a defensive stand for French artillery to protect the city from invaders. 
At the base of the Mount was a train to provide a lift for all church goers and tourist to visit the chapel. We discussed taking the stairs instead however that journey may have taken weeks to arrive.  
The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris is commonly known to locals as Sacre'-Coeur. One of two statues located there is the Equestrian Statue of King Saint Louis as seen here.  
Once inside the grandeur of the historic cathedral, we attended midday mass to a full attendance. The ceiling artwork was breathtaking as this radiant shot was taken from the rear of the chapel and without a flash.
 An adjoining tower to the cathedral is highlighted by natural light and curved windows. Notice the structural detail given to a ceiling of architectural beauty.
Back in the busy streets of Paris, traffic passes smoothly through the shopping district without hesitation.  
A popular picture from our archives is this photo of French school children at curbside in their bright blue uniforms as they visit a pastry vendor who is eager to serve. 
The backstreets are plentiful with curio shops and antique stores. However, we can't imagine which of the above relics has collected more rust, the motorbike, this well-driven automobile or the rusty dude caught in the middle.
 An eye catching jewelry store window located in a trendy shopping district of Paris showcases the latest fashions of diamond rings, exotic necklaces, bracelets and wrist watches.
Ever the watchful eye of the French police provides security to all who visit the district.
An elderly street vendor and his wife displays his latest oil painting for purchase.
The narrow streets of Paris are steep and hilly.
Here's an artist-merchant using a single pair of scissors as he cuts a silhouette of his patrons while onlookers view his detailed work. Trouble is however, his model could definitely use a decent haircut.
The results of this artwork reveals a silhouette of an ancient hairstyle that was popular long before the era of the mullet, or the teased rat-tail, or even the current-day spiked look. Pictured here is the classic Rod Stewart 70's hairstyle that even a handsome dude like Keith Richards would also adorn.
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