Wednesday, June 26, 2013

BBC Documentary Otis Redding Soul Ambassador

In an truly excellent BBC video of STAX Records soul legend Otis Redding, featured here is a portrayal of his short but lustrous career. Produced from across the pond and directed by Jeremy Marre is a British perspective of Redding's rise to popularity and his tragic death in December 10th, 1967. This video was posted and made available in the states just three weeks ago, June - 2013, and features top interviews with: Zelma Redding, Steve Cropper, Rod Stewart, Elton John, Wayne Jackson, manager Alan Walden and others. The documentary is very well put together and includes priceless footage including home movies by band members while on the road with Otis Redding. But take particular notice here that Redding's producer, Jim Stewart, is not mentioned in this documentary. How strange is that? Seems that most of the entire body of Otis Redding's work has Stewart's name listed in the credits but no acknowledgement here. A large portion of the video features glowing compliments to a singer who bridged many musical barriers as the film takes the high road of journalism while focusing on the music. There is an exception however to one individual who was interviewed throughout the film and seemingly whined endlessly on numerous occasions about racism while appearing to blame the entire white population on the planet for this mistreatment. That perspective is not shared by many historians plus a large number of Otis Redding's fans loved him because his music was appealing to the masses as he was the undisputed Ambassador of Soul.

Rating: 3 stars - Running time: 59:36 - Rated: All audiences