Wednesday, August 14, 2013

J.J. Cale & Leon Russell 1979 Archive Video

Oh-my-goodness! Cool Breeze done found the pocket. In this recently surfaced video recorded back in 1979, singer-songwriter J.J. Cale and Leon Russell are captured on film while recording a concert at Russell's Paradise Recording Studio in Los Angeles. It's a  visual handbook on musician's  playing techniques and intimately  documented for viewers. But where has this vintage footage has been hiding for all the years? Probably not considered as a mainstream item - however I must confess, it damn-well slammed home for my simple taste. Produced with a no-flare approach and delivered in an down home atmosphere, Cale and Russell perform with their patented cool breeze style. Although J.J. Cale passed away earlier this year, this colorful video shows off his hand constructed guitar that sounds so sweet as he delicately picks through the set list. Plus, between Cale's songs, his chatter with Russell is hilarious as he states, "I don't know whose solo was worse - yours or mine." The video is certainly not considered as a possible 4 star concert rating, but you know what... homeboy here never watches those glossy over-produced productions in the first place. For astute music lovers, this video is well worth viewing and highly recommend. Running time: 1 hour 19 minutes 28 seconds. Contains 21 songs. Rated: All Audiences