Thursday, September 26, 2013

Arif Mardin "The Greatest Ears In Town"

Every so often a truly gifted producer pops-up on the music scene. In a business of rapid changes, many producers come and go while some hang around for brief periods of time. But this posting is about one such producer who prospered through numerous decades and sustaining through many changes while scoring big in several different fields of music. His name is Arif Mardin and he produced hundreds of historic songs that are virtually unmatched in today's chartdome. Mardin first started out with Atlantic Records in the late 1960's and made his mark with the labels' diverse roster of stars. Artist like: Aretha Franklin, The Bee Gees, Herbie Mann, Dusty Springfield, The Young Rascals, Hall And Oates, Average White Band, Roberta Flack and Bette Midler - all benefited from Mardin's brilliant production. For his efforts he was awarded 12 Grammy awards. Although Mardin passed away in 2006, his legend still lives on. Now there is a new documentary being released on DVD on November 5th titled "The Best Ears In Town - The Arif Mardin Story." Included in the documentary are interviews reflecting on his extensive career by notables ranging from Phil Collins, Ahmet Ertegun to Norah Jones and more. Listed below is a movie trailer of the forthcoming DVD of this classic. This documentary is recommended for music lovers and highly recommended by the staff of The Photolog.