Friday, March 14, 2014

Roger Fisher R&R Hall Of Fame Inductee

For astute music lovers who pride themselves in keeping-up on the latest trends and music industry developments, here's a posting on my good friend and colleague Mr. Roger Fisher. With assistance from his multi-talented brother, Mike Fisher, the twosome have put together a historic video narrative capturing chronological moments of rock history. This project also includes a forthcoming CD that rocks several generations of music lovers both young and old. If Roger Fisher's name sounds familiar that's because he was recently inducted into The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame as a founding member of the legendary rock band, HEART. Not many musicians can claim this noted achievement as Fisher's latest project includes archive video footage from those historic magic man days while playing with HEART. This project also combines exciting new music from Fisher's forthcoming CD. This video is very resourceful and highly recommended while rating a 4 Star winner from THE PHOTOLOG.