Monday, June 13, 2016

The Rock Trenches Shares A Magic Carpet Ride

Announcing the August 15th release of a new book with an engaging storyline about life on the road with rock bands and includes an impressive array of photographs."The Rock Trenches" is exactly what the title implies as author-photographer Phillip Rauls takes you on his magic carpet ride into the adventurous world of the music industry. Rauls demystifies what takes place behind the scenes as he teams-up to develop up-and-coming rock bands into gold and platinum artists. In this text subtitled "Journal of a Music Industry Executive" he shares his experiences while you can almost feel the bass drum and amplifiers pounding your chest. Read about touring with Led Zeppelin, YES, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Vinegar Joe, The Eagles, Robert Palmer and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and more. As a middle-management promotion & marketing executive, Rauls enjoyed the unparalleled freedom of being a field representative. Truth is, he had no desire to be promoted from his position and having to relocate to the entertainment meccas of New York or Los Angeles. Besides, he was having too much fun and preferred frolicking in the regional hotspots of New Orleans, Miami and later to Seattle. Rauls background includes representing several of the top record companies such as STAX Records, Atlantic Records, 20th Century Fox Records and EMI Records. "The Rock Trenches" is written in appealing language containing no F-bombs or dirty little secrets. Dang! But you'll roll in the floor laughing when reading about his wacky shenanigans. Available both in paperback and eBook version. Published by Sartoris Literary Group. Release date is August 2016 with both Kindle version and the paperback being available here for your order on Amazon  

Saturday, June 04, 2016