Friday, September 30, 2016

New Book Promotes Embracing Reunions

The new book "The Rock Trenches - Journal of a Record Executive" by Phillip Rauls is shown here on a mini-book tour recently in Memphis, TN. If some were not aware or perhaps living under a rock somewhere, Memphis is the distinctive home of Rock 'N' Soul music and celebrated globally for its fine reputation of this genre. Book author & photographer Phillip Rauls says "Hooking-up with old friends and sharing heartfelt stories from The Rock Trenches is a delight for all participants. I'm hearing stories of yesteryear about myself that I didn't even know happened or ever existed!" The book is a non-fiction memoir of music history featuring tantalizing photographs of well-known music icons with behind the scenes tales that will have you on the floor laughing. Published by Mojo Triangle Books and available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or your favorite book store outlet.

Thursday, September 01, 2016

'Artist Of The Week' Recognition for Author Phillip Rauls and his book "The Rock Trenches"

(North Seattle Area) The Crab Cracker Magazine has recognized author - photographer Phillip Rauls as the publication's 'Artist Of The Week' in their August 28-Sept. 8th issue (#176) serving the greater Stanwood and Camano Island areas. Rauls exciting new book "The Rock Trenches" was just released in mid-August and already drawing the attention of radio interviews in several regions such as Memphis, TN and the Seattle-Everett area plus several internet radio stations. "Pretty cool" was Rauls response when asked about the first weeks initial response and if he expects additional media recognition? "Well, after 30+ years of promoting recording artist and their music, their videos, their tours and their books...I'm just delighted to be on the other side of the fence for a change!" Still another observation from Rauls was when he added, "In the past I was the person placing the calls and seeking exposure for new records and new videos but now my phone is ringing without my fingers doing the actual dialing!" That's not to say the tide has completely turned in his favor as he realizes much work lies ahead. "The book is all about the inner mechanics of turning the wagon wheels of promotion and marketing. You know...the same kinda work that new authors have to perform." Rauls stated that he welcomes any possible media interviews or book signings and is currently preparing for several in the forthcoming month. "September looks real good and I hope to stay very busy."

"The Rock Trenches" is a non fiction memoir of Rauls experiences as a record industry executive and features tantalizing stories and many of his personal photographs that have never been publicly viewed. Published by Mojo Triangle Books a division of The Sartoris Literary Group. The book is available in both Kindle and paperback version and may be purchased through this Amazon site.