Friday, August 10, 2018

Terry Reid - Quite Possibly The Greatest Rock Voice Uncredited

British Rock Star Terry Reid was early on the music scene and had a loyal following dating all the back to the late 1960's. American radio picked-up on this handsome vocalist when his Epic Records album titled "Bang, Bang You're Terry Reid" was released featuring the FM Radio classic "Super Lungs." Reid, who also happened to play guitar, frequently performed with a host of complimentary side-men including slide-guitarist David Lindley and legendary drummer Alan White just to name a few. Terry Reid had everything going for him with good looks, high-pitched and throaty vocals with a piercing range that most singers could not mimic. Plus, he could write endearing songs that could strike a cord with female audiences. But here's one story that everybody already knows about by now. When Terry Reid's tellie rang one morning from a call from Yardbirds guitarist Jimmy Page who was actively recruiting him to be the vocalist in Page's newly revised band, The New Yardbirds (later to become Led Zeppelin), Reid thanked him but convinced Page that his focus was on being a solo artist. But in turn, a flattered Terry Reid suggested that Jimmy Page might consider another young vocalist at the time, Band Of Joy's Robert Plant. And the rest is history. 
Other notable albums by Terry Reid would follow such as; "Move Over For Terry Reid" in 1969, "River" in 1973 and produced by legendary house-producer at Atlantic Records Mr. Tom Dowd and recorded in the musical hotbed of Muscle Shoals, AL, plus "Seed Of Memory" and released in 1976, "Rogue Waves" released in 1979, and then "The Driver" in 1991. Others albums would continue to follow with a variety of song compilations and concerts performances. 

In perhaps one of Terry Reid's most inspiring performances and captured on this incredible video from his 1971 appearances at the music festival in Great Britain known as Glastonbury Fayre, is this classic rock vocalist at his very best. This festival is inspired by the ethos of British counterculture and a yearly event that was always well attended. Accompanied on stage by leading musicians of the day, noted sessions guitarist David Lindley on steel, Alan White from Plastic Ono Band & YES on drums, Lee Miles on bass, and Linda Lewis on background vocals. No doubt, this video hammers home the essence of Love Generation from that era. Here is Terry Reid's outstanding vocal & stage performance of his self-penned song titled, "Dean." (Editor's note - Watch this video on enlarged Screen)

Ms. Diane Fradin assisted in this posting