Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Pop Icons Marketing the Flesh

In modern society, females are a coveted icon for entertainment. Like it or not, those titillating body parts catch the eye of many. Plus, lot's of celebrities have reached the conclusion that posing in partial or full nudity is a marketing tool and can actually boost a career. Research has supported that it gives them a competitive edge that might not be revealed in their portfolio of serious work. Ever since Marilyn Monroe was featured on the cover of Playboy Magazine, the notion of appearing nude could destroy a career has been proven wrong. Let's move the calendar forward and take a brief glimpse of how the peddling of flesh has affected our Pop Culture. Pictured above is a fine example of Hollywood's mingling of stars for the paparazzi. Oh, that's famed actress Sophia Loren appearing bosom-envy while checking-out Jane Mansfield's bodacious rack.

Another example of this practice is when recording group Booker T. & The MG's were assigned to a photo shoot in Laurel Canyon when a unscheduled topless model appeared and surprised them by asking if she could pose with them in the press shot. Immediately four voices simultaneously responded by saying "Sure, just don't tell my wife." Photo by Henry Diltz.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono's "Two Virgins" album jacket had them pictured in the buff. Not my idea of sexy. Plus, I spared viewers by only showing their rears. Believe me, the flip side photo of their frontal nudity is not a pretty site. By the time this album was released in 1968, I think that ole Johnny-boy's brain was well-baked.

Janis Joplin shocked the Pop world when she posed nude for all the universe to see. Call her a hippy, a flower girl or an artist with a marketing vision. She pulled-off this kinky stunt without damaging her already damaged reputation. Nice beads.

Nothing would shock me coming from the "Material Girl" herself. In Madonna's book titled "SEX " she holds nothing back by including provocative photographs of herself in select poses. Very repugnant stuff here. Question: Is she a Blonde or Brunette? Can you say Mohawk?

In closing-out this posting on Flesh, let us not forget a quote from the famous; Years ago when Adam & Eve were being interviewed on location in The Garden of Eden, Adam was asked to comment about Eve's revealing appearance. Adam simply responded to the question by saying "She's got really nice apples."